• Food Drive 2011
    Jun 24, 2015

    “Mainers helping Mainers” - 2011


    We did it again, Teamsters Local 340, through its Women’s Committee, headed up a State wide food drive to benefit the Catholic Charities Maine “Feed the County” program in Caribou, which supplies food to 24 food pantries in Aroostook County and maintains their own food bank.

    The Teamsters Joint Council 10 tractor trailer began traveling through the State of Maine on Friday, July 15th. This year the truck had 14 designated locations along Interstate 95 to load non-perishable food donations and monetary contributions collected by the members of Teamsters Local 340.

    Each stop was well planned to enable convenience for donations to get on the truck and keep it moving. The road crew included driver, Paul Flynn, Teamsters Local 340 business agents Dan Walsh and Sylvia Hebert. Riding with Sylvia was Elmet Technologies’, Mary Hall.

    The truck headed north starting at Exit 2, Kittery Town Hall at 7:00 am. Thank you to Meredith Clark, Ed Laing, Bruce Kerns, Fred Dixon, and Chuck Denault from Kittery for giving a helping hand at our first stop. We also thank the Town of Kittery for the resting stop for the Joint Council 10 tractor trailer the night before.

    Next stop was Exit 32 where just up the road we made a stop at the bakery, for the third year they invited us to pull up to the dock and a BIG Thank You for their generosity. We want to thank the bakery team for their helping hand in loading the donation.

    On to Teamsters Local 340, a short distance from Exit 45 South Portland. There we are met by member/trustee Betty Hilton and her family. We picked up donations from ABF, UPS Wells, UPS Portland, University of Maine-Portland/Gorham, and Teamsters Local 340 employees.

    We got an invitation from B&M Baked Beans in Portland to stop by to receive a donation. They were very generous with a pallet of Beans and a pallet of Deviled Ham. Thank you B&M. It was a little tricky getting into the plant with the Tukey’s Bridge construction and even more so getting back to I-95 with both the Falmouth and Yarmouth on ramps being closed. With Paul’s experience and Dan leading the way they managed to get by all the construction and back onto the interstate.

    On to Auburn where we made a stop at The Kellogg Company where manager Scott Lowe and member Tracy Dussault did a great job loading their generous donation. Again, Scott rolled up his sleeves and worked with the member to load the truck while we watched. We are informed that The Kellogg Company is now only sponsoring 2 local food drives per year and the “Feed the County” has been selected as one of them.

    Off to Exit 75, Auburn where we are met by retired UPS member Sonny Mercier. We want to thank Sonny for delivering the food bags to UPS-Auburn and picking them up to meet the truck. We also want to give a BIG thank you to Good Shepherd of Maine for their generosity. As the food drive was being rallied all over the state with the Teamsters it was discovered that Good Shepherd had found a place inside the Auburn UPS building to set up a donation table. When Good Shepherd had realized it fell in the same week as our annual food drive they graciously donated all the food that had been brought to the table.

    We missed the generosity of Associated Grocers and our membership with its closure just this past May. Next to exit 112A, here we have a break, relax a bit and get back on schedule.

    On to Exit 132 in Fairfield, there we are met by shop steward Rob Mercier from the City of Waterville. Rob took the time to collect the Waterville UPS, Waterville public works and police department donations.

    Off to Exit 180, Dysart’s Truck Stop in Herman. We all meet up here to regroup, rest and have a bite to eat. We had to pick up the food donations from the Bangor UPS building, there was so much food it filled the break room. We want to thank Shawn Ireland for stopping by the Local during his earlier trip to Portland to pick up food bags and their generous monetary donation collected with the help of Tim Kenney.

    Thank you to Garelick Farms for their generosity of milk products that they delivered directly to the food pantry in Caribou.

    Now we are on our way to the long and lonely road to Exit 244, Medway. This year we need to stop by IBC in Medway where we thank shop steward David Hasey and his crew for their generous donation.

    Then off to Exit 302 in Houlton and yes, you can get there from here. Thank you again Roger Brewer from UPS Houlton and thank you Dave Little and members with Aroostook County Corrections. Next year with a new speed limit we will meet up sooner.

    We’re now headed to the home of business agent Traci Place in Easton to park and spend the evening until the parade on Saturday. As always Traci graciously has supper ready. The road crew heads into town for the night and we all are to meet at Traci’s the next morning for our big parade day.

    The next morning we loaded the drop offs and pick- ups from the Teamsters Local 340 Presque Isle office. Thank you members with Baileyville Public Works, and City of Calais, shop steward Mark Little and members with Calais UPS, Ben Nadeau, Mark Pelletier and members with Fort Kent School, Collen Putnam and members with Lane Construction in Presque Isle, James Moore and members with Millinocket Public Works and Aaron Brooker and members at the police department, All our members at Presque Isle’s own sergeants, fire, public works, and city hall, Mike Morneault and members with Presque Isle UPS, Cuppy Johndro and members at TAMC, Van Buren police, and a special thank you to new member Peter Carboneau and our newly organized unit with Van Buren Ambulance.

    The truck heads for town where it meets up with several more members from the County. Cuppy Johndro from TAMC created a new CD of songs this year. We are in the line-up for the 64th Annual Maine Potato Blossom Parade on July 16th which ends a weeklong festival that has been around since 1937, the same year the Teamsters of Maine were founded. Parade Day has turned out to be a great day; a break from all the rain that has been going on in the county.

    While waiting to form the lineup for the parade we got a visit from Congressman Michael Michaud where we took the opportunity to express our concerns over union membership and jobs in Maine.

    Along the parade route we collected more food from the community as well as several hundreds more dollars in the donations buckets. The banner is carried by Business Agent Traci Place and Dixie Shaw, Catholic Charities Maine Director. Assisting in donation collections were Traci’s husband Tom and son, Chris; Cuppy Johndro from TAMC and her daughter Ashley; Mary Hall from Elmet Technologies; Collen and Karen Putnam from Lane Construction; along with Business Agents Dan Walsh, Alan Churchill, and Sylvia Hebert from Local 340. We offered flags, water, and frisbees to the crowd as the truck made its way through the parade route. It was quite impressive to see the flags being waved as we drove past the crowd and handed them out.

    This year Teamsters collected 30,000 lbs in food, matching the 2010 collection and had $1600 in monetary donations. With the generous help of members, families, and friends the donations were delivered and unloaded to the Catholic Charities “Feed the County” program in Caribou following the parade. Thank you to the staff of Catholic Charities for your help at the warehouse receiving end for all the help in the unloading. A special “Thank You” for all that you do.

    We would like to send Thank You out to the bakery, The Kellogg Company, Garelick Farms, and B&M Baled Beans for the generosity shown to this food drive. It certainly is quite rewarding to know that we all can and do work together when the call for need is there. Thank you to all the members and their communities who donated in a monetary fashion. A hugh Thank You to Paul “Porky” Flynn for his professional driving skills and forever being available for any cause that Teamsters may need him for.

    Once again we thank Traci and her family for hosting a cookout after the parade for the team, sponsored by the Teamsters Local Union Woman’s Committee.

    We have not said Thank You enough. With today’s economy many families will benefit from the work of many of us who realize that a helping hand can reach a long way. We are very proud of how the membership responded to the call for need.

    On behalf of the membership of Teamsters Local Union 340…Thank You! Take an opportunity to view photos and other stories.


    Kenneth L. Eaton Steve Malia Carl Guignard
    President & Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer
    Business Agent

    Sylvia Hebert Alan R. Churchill Tim Boynton & Betty Hilton
    Recording Secretary & Trustee & Trustees
    Business Agent Business Agent

    Traci Place Daniel Walsh Andy LeBel
    Business Agent Business Agent Business Agent

    Peggy Timmons Stacy Nunley Sheena-Jo Randall
    Office Staff & Secretary Office Staff & Bookkeeper Office Staff & TITAN Operator


    News Coverage

    Bangor Daily News:
    Teamsters help gather 30,000 pounds of food for County families

    Teamster Magazine:
    Teamsters Collect 30,000 Pounds of Food

    Teamsters Local 340-State of Maine

    Food Drive Benefitting Catholic Charities, Aroostock County, ME

    Teamsters Local 340, through its Women’s Committee, once again headed up a state wide food drive to benefit the Catholic Charities of Maine in Caribou. Through the Feed the County program, Catholic Charities supplies food to 24 food pantries in Aroostook County and maintains their own food bank.

    The Teamsters Joint Council 10 tractor trailer began traveling the length of the State of Maine, on Friday, July 15th. The truck stopped at 14 designated locations to load and fill the truck with non-perishable food donations collected by the members of Teamsters Local 340 and its employers. The truck headed north to participate in the Maine Potato Blossom Parade on July 16th that ends a weeklong festival that has been around since 1937, the same year the Teamsters of Maine were founded.

    The Teamsters collected 30,000 lbs of food and $1600.00 in monetary donations. This was the third year for the food drive. Food donations stayed the same but the monetary donations exceeded the 2010 collection. With the help of members, families, and friends the donations were delivered and unloaded to Catholic Charities/Feed the County in Caribou following the parade.


    Kenneth L. Eaton, President

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